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Name:Curran Lennart

"...those afflicted with the Lyc-V (Lycos) virus have the ability to change into an animal form, with incredible strength, speed, and heightened senses. But the price they pay is steep. No shapeshifter can afford to lose control, not even for an instant. They are at constant war with themselves, their animal instincts demanding they slaughter without discrimination, and their minds in constant battle against the bloodlust. Those who find control live within a highly disciplined and structured pack, but those who do not inevitably go loup and become the most vicious form of killers, stopped only with their own death." x

Curran Lennart is a lion shapeshifter who wants nothing so much as to enforce order and stability within his corner of the world.


Curran Lennart and the Kate Daniels novels belong to Ilona Andrews and are awesome. He's AUed for rp purposes.
Charlie Hunnam belongs to himself, and the gif came from here originally.
Both the Character and the Player are over 21.
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